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An Alsos Kingmaker Official Timeline!
(tell your friends. no longer subject to change)

Current Year: 4712 AR

ca. 10 years before you received your charter: The Rogarvia family of Brevoy, descendants of Choral the Conqueror, the Red Wyrm, disappeared in a single night, leaving the throne of the country unoccupied.

ca. 1 month before you received your charter: Castruccio Irovetti ascended to the Burgandy Throne of Pitax, your neighbor to the west.

24 Calistril, 4712 AR – Four brave adventurers receive a charter to explore the Stolen Lands

28 Calistril, 4712 AR – Four brave adventurers arrive at Oleg’s Trade Post, southwest of Restov, Nivaktas Crossing, and the South Rostland Road

01 Pharast, 4712 AR – The adventurers defeat the first wave of bandits they meet, and execute them under the color of their charter. Kesten Garess arrives at Oleg’s Trade Post.

*20 Desnus, 4712 – Elsewhere in the region, Littletown falls.

03 Sareneth, 4712 – The combined might of Edoinne Tull, Nick Saber and the druid Gepson and his companion Primordius as well as some assistance from the all too former lieutenant Akiros Ismort crush the dregs of the bandit force and rescue the fair maiden Romonov Ulricio.

Golarion Days

Day Table


General Purpose


Work, religion [night]






Work, pacts signed, oaths sworn






Rest, religion

Golarion Calendar

Golarion MonthGregorian MonthDays in MonthSeason
Abadius (ah-BAY-dee-us)(January)31 daysWinter
Calistril (KAHL-izz-trihl)(February)28 daysWinter
Pharast (fah-RAHST)(March)30 daysSpring
Gozran (GOHZ-ran)(April)31 daysSpring
Desnus (DEZ-nuhs)(May)30 daysSpring
Sarenith (sa-REHN-ihth)(June)31 daysSummer
Erastus (eh-RAS-tuhs)(July)30 daysSummer
Arodus (AIR-oh-duhs)(August)31 daysSummer
Rova (ROH-va)(September)30 daysFall
Lamashan (lah-MAHSH-ahn)(October)31 daysFall
Neth (NEHTH)(November)30 daysFall
Kuthona (koo-THOH-nah)(December)31 daysWinter

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