An Alsos Kingmaker

Links to some of the RP

Here’s a link to some of the text RP from before the summer break, for anyone who doesn’t have it.


Meet the Sootscales
Intra-party Conflict Emerges

The party enters the woods for the first time, their brand new horses allowing them to move with excellent speed through the ways. After lunch Asner alerts his master of a group of enemies in a clearing, and the party creeps along and finds kobolds lounging in the sun besides multiple baskets of radishes. Silvest, the party’s mage, recognizes the creatures and attempts to speak to them in Draconic. They grandstand for the glory of their tribe, and their cries are mistaken for aggression, and despite Silvest’s efforts touches off a scuffle that leaves most of the kobolds beyond death, one merely disabled, and another, injured, fleeing from the bloodbath.

Eddoine nurses the disabled kobold back to health, and together with Silvest learns that these kobolds were out ranging for food, and that his tribe is suffering. Their proud chieftan was foiled with words, and since the spellcaster Tartuk has slain their warriors and taken their women hostage.

The party, heartened by the injured kobold Arturiyus’s tale, arrange for him to lead them to his home to assist in the fight. William convinces Arturiyus that he will win many women to mate with when he saves his tribe. The party breeze through the plains hexes like grass, but must camp a night before they reach their destination.

The site of the kobolds caverns is what seems to be an abandoned silver mine, if the post by the entrance is any indication. Arturiyus is trusted to attempt to smooth things over with his people, but after a few minutes runs out, chased by another weilding a spear. Silvest translates that the newcomer is upset because Tartuk’s talking bird has seen them, and how dare Arturiyus try to go against him, they’ll all be fed to the Sharptooth! Seeing the party is armed, the kobold slips away, deciding that taking his chances in the wild is a better idea.

Tempers flare outside the entrance as options are discussed for dealing with the tribe. It is for the most the sentiment that the kobolds should be left alive, however Nick Saber disagrees with the peacenik atmosphere, worried for the health of his companions. When the party finally enters, they encounter Mikmek, a beleaguered sentry, and his companion, a mite in a stick cage. Mikmek attempts to trick the party into going further, and dropping into the pit traps set, earning Nick Saber’s ire. It is revealed that the creature also fears Sharptooth and was only trying to do his job. The party disables the traps and moves further inside, to find several hungry kobolds are too tired to fight them. After William offers radishes, the kobold leads them safely to his chief who tells them that Tartuk has reduced his once proud clan to starvation and desperate measures. William assures the chief that they are here to help, only when they go looking, Tartuk, given the time that the party spent arguing outside his door, has fled the scene…

The Trouble with Bandits
Ambush at Oleg's

Our intrepid heroes finally arrive at Oleg’s, and after some flubbing of the exposition by your humble narrator, it is discovered that they arrive on the 30th of Calistril. Goodman Oleg, proud and stubborn, seems quite upset that among his saviors from Restov are a lad with butterfly wings, and two as weak as girls. His eager wife Svetlana begins wringing her hands and imploring the group to listen to their tale of woe when a group of Varisian travelers arrive with a new companion in tow. United at last, the party listens to the opening of the adventure.

Goodman Leveton and his wife have recently settled in the Stolen Lands, establishing a trade outpost for the many mobile hunters and trappers in the area. Three months ago, they were visited by a horrid cruel woman weilding hatchets who threatened to cut off Oleg’s hand for speaking back, and to take Svetlana from his arms and lend her to her men if the couple could not produce tribute on the first of each month. Since then, the numbers have dwindled, as the bandits believe the couple completely cowed by their aggression, but little do they know that Svetlana has written several times to request help of the Swordlords in Rostland.

Such as it is, Oleg expected military might and received two arcane casters, a butterfly man, a halfling riding a wolf, a sneak, and NICK SABER, MAN OF WASTED ACTION! The party settles down for the evening and discusses their plans, while the flighty Varisians take up residence outside the walls of the trade post.

Morning comes, and an hour after dawn, as every month before, the bandits arrive. Only, the plan that the party came up with to lure the boys in and shut the door behind them goes terribly wrong when the bandits, intent on intimidating a new crowd, break off and rough up the Varisian troop for their women. Suddenly the party is dealing not with an ambush but very poorly executed assault. Teamwork between Kaleb, Eddoine and Silvest bring down the two unfortunates trapped in the post, but those outside provide a challenge for William, and the valiant NICK SABER who unfortunately trapped himself inside the post as well.

At the end of the day, the party is victorious, however, all bandits slain. But what is this? What of the hatchet woman and the remainder of the band that plagued the post? Not a single man left alive to tell the tale? While Oleg and Svetlana are grateful (Oleg taking many a cheap shot to kicking dead bandits and perhaps more while the party did not watch him “bury” the bodies) they contemplate how to find the remainder and bring them to JUSTICE!

Several hours later, a man whose band flies a standard arrives in gleaming plate. He announces that he is Kesten Garess, and he has come to protect the fort. Kesten and William have an exchange which seems to annoy the man in plate, who continues to look down on William, despite his getting the last word. The party remains another night to ride fresh in the morning to explore and track down the bandits!

The very first day of exploration yields nothing of interest but the plains lands around Oleg’s keep. That evening the party encounters a hunter on his way to the post who mistakes them for bandits, and lets the party know that they are the only type of folk that congregate in bands in the area. The hunter makes his camp a little apart for the evening, then hurries on in the morning.

Prelude: The Charter Bearers
From Restov, with Love!

Five random souls gather in the offices of the Lord Mayor of Restov, puppet of Rostland’s prestigious Sword Lords. The fetching William utterly ignores the portly receptionist who is quite skilled shuffling papers across a large desk while the Lord Mayor has a disagreement with his page, who flees the scene crying. The Lord Mayor invites them into his office and after a brief session where he scarcely entertains their suit, they are dismissed bearing a charter issued by the reigning Regent of the Dragonscale Throne, one Noleski Surtova.

Following the interview, the adventurers purchase provisions. The intrepid Eddoine attempts to haggle with the stablehand for a cheaper horse, but his price is simply too low and he is shown to a crosseyed mule for eight gold. Kaleb purchases a fine mount for his lord, William, and the party retire to the tavern. William dazzles a kindly wench into introducing Silvest, an ill prepared student, to the finer things in life. Eddoine exchanges pleasantries with the barkeep before discovering where he might purchase the same. Kaleb and his charge retire for the night in the rooms above.

Four days of travel are fairly kind to the rag tag band. A day from the city they meet a trapper who asks if they were part of the earlier group following the man with the scared face, his bitch wife and their yappy type dog. Eddoine is nigh mortally wounded when a pair of bandits are given time to spring an ambush upon them on the road, but survives to allow Nick Saber, the dragon shine by delivering the fatal blow to incapacitated men. The party is assaulted by passing grigs who annoy Eddoine when they paint his mule, Ass like a rainbow for their amusement. On the last day of their journey, cutting through the border of Rostland and into the Stolen Lands, they encounter a ferocious beast, the fearsome Giant Centipede and wisely decide to run from the creature and rather than engage and perhaps die to the man.


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