An Alsos Kingmaker

The Trouble with Bandits

Ambush at Oleg's

Our intrepid heroes finally arrive at Oleg’s, and after some flubbing of the exposition by your humble narrator, it is discovered that they arrive on the 30th of Calistril. Goodman Oleg, proud and stubborn, seems quite upset that among his saviors from Restov are a lad with butterfly wings, and two as weak as girls. His eager wife Svetlana begins wringing her hands and imploring the group to listen to their tale of woe when a group of Varisian travelers arrive with a new companion in tow. United at last, the party listens to the opening of the adventure.

Goodman Leveton and his wife have recently settled in the Stolen Lands, establishing a trade outpost for the many mobile hunters and trappers in the area. Three months ago, they were visited by a horrid cruel woman weilding hatchets who threatened to cut off Oleg’s hand for speaking back, and to take Svetlana from his arms and lend her to her men if the couple could not produce tribute on the first of each month. Since then, the numbers have dwindled, as the bandits believe the couple completely cowed by their aggression, but little do they know that Svetlana has written several times to request help of the Swordlords in Rostland.

Such as it is, Oleg expected military might and received two arcane casters, a butterfly man, a halfling riding a wolf, a sneak, and NICK SABER, MAN OF WASTED ACTION! The party settles down for the evening and discusses their plans, while the flighty Varisians take up residence outside the walls of the trade post.

Morning comes, and an hour after dawn, as every month before, the bandits arrive. Only, the plan that the party came up with to lure the boys in and shut the door behind them goes terribly wrong when the bandits, intent on intimidating a new crowd, break off and rough up the Varisian troop for their women. Suddenly the party is dealing not with an ambush but very poorly executed assault. Teamwork between Kaleb, Eddoine and Silvest bring down the two unfortunates trapped in the post, but those outside provide a challenge for William, and the valiant NICK SABER who unfortunately trapped himself inside the post as well.

At the end of the day, the party is victorious, however, all bandits slain. But what is this? What of the hatchet woman and the remainder of the band that plagued the post? Not a single man left alive to tell the tale? While Oleg and Svetlana are grateful (Oleg taking many a cheap shot to kicking dead bandits and perhaps more while the party did not watch him “bury” the bodies) they contemplate how to find the remainder and bring them to JUSTICE!

Several hours later, a man whose band flies a standard arrives in gleaming plate. He announces that he is Kesten Garess, and he has come to protect the fort. Kesten and William have an exchange which seems to annoy the man in plate, who continues to look down on William, despite his getting the last word. The party remains another night to ride fresh in the morning to explore and track down the bandits!

The very first day of exploration yields nothing of interest but the plains lands around Oleg’s keep. That evening the party encounters a hunter on his way to the post who mistakes them for bandits, and lets the party know that they are the only type of folk that congregate in bands in the area. The hunter makes his camp a little apart for the evening, then hurries on in the morning.



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