An Alsos Kingmaker

Prelude: The Charter Bearers

From Restov, with Love!

Five random souls gather in the offices of the Lord Mayor of Restov, puppet of Rostland’s prestigious Sword Lords. The fetching William utterly ignores the portly receptionist who is quite skilled shuffling papers across a large desk while the Lord Mayor has a disagreement with his page, who flees the scene crying. The Lord Mayor invites them into his office and after a brief session where he scarcely entertains their suit, they are dismissed bearing a charter issued by the reigning Regent of the Dragonscale Throne, one Noleski Surtova.

Following the interview, the adventurers purchase provisions. The intrepid Eddoine attempts to haggle with the stablehand for a cheaper horse, but his price is simply too low and he is shown to a crosseyed mule for eight gold. Kaleb purchases a fine mount for his lord, William, and the party retire to the tavern. William dazzles a kindly wench into introducing Silvest, an ill prepared student, to the finer things in life. Eddoine exchanges pleasantries with the barkeep before discovering where he might purchase the same. Kaleb and his charge retire for the night in the rooms above.

Four days of travel are fairly kind to the rag tag band. A day from the city they meet a trapper who asks if they were part of the earlier group following the man with the scared face, his bitch wife and their yappy type dog. Eddoine is nigh mortally wounded when a pair of bandits are given time to spring an ambush upon them on the road, but survives to allow Nick Saber, the dragon shine by delivering the fatal blow to incapacitated men. The party is assaulted by passing grigs who annoy Eddoine when they paint his mule, Ass like a rainbow for their amusement. On the last day of their journey, cutting through the border of Rostland and into the Stolen Lands, they encounter a ferocious beast, the fearsome Giant Centipede and wisely decide to run from the creature and rather than engage and perhaps die to the man.



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