An Alsos Kingmaker

Meet the Sootscales

Intra-party Conflict Emerges

The party enters the woods for the first time, their brand new horses allowing them to move with excellent speed through the ways. After lunch Asner alerts his master of a group of enemies in a clearing, and the party creeps along and finds kobolds lounging in the sun besides multiple baskets of radishes. Silvest, the party’s mage, recognizes the creatures and attempts to speak to them in Draconic. They grandstand for the glory of their tribe, and their cries are mistaken for aggression, and despite Silvest’s efforts touches off a scuffle that leaves most of the kobolds beyond death, one merely disabled, and another, injured, fleeing from the bloodbath.

Eddoine nurses the disabled kobold back to health, and together with Silvest learns that these kobolds were out ranging for food, and that his tribe is suffering. Their proud chieftan was foiled with words, and since the spellcaster Tartuk has slain their warriors and taken their women hostage.

The party, heartened by the injured kobold Arturiyus’s tale, arrange for him to lead them to his home to assist in the fight. William convinces Arturiyus that he will win many women to mate with when he saves his tribe. The party breeze through the plains hexes like grass, but must camp a night before they reach their destination.

The site of the kobolds caverns is what seems to be an abandoned silver mine, if the post by the entrance is any indication. Arturiyus is trusted to attempt to smooth things over with his people, but after a few minutes runs out, chased by another weilding a spear. Silvest translates that the newcomer is upset because Tartuk’s talking bird has seen them, and how dare Arturiyus try to go against him, they’ll all be fed to the Sharptooth! Seeing the party is armed, the kobold slips away, deciding that taking his chances in the wild is a better idea.

Tempers flare outside the entrance as options are discussed for dealing with the tribe. It is for the most the sentiment that the kobolds should be left alive, however Nick Saber disagrees with the peacenik atmosphere, worried for the health of his companions. When the party finally enters, they encounter Mikmek, a beleaguered sentry, and his companion, a mite in a stick cage. Mikmek attempts to trick the party into going further, and dropping into the pit traps set, earning Nick Saber’s ire. It is revealed that the creature also fears Sharptooth and was only trying to do his job. The party disables the traps and moves further inside, to find several hungry kobolds are too tired to fight them. After William offers radishes, the kobold leads them safely to his chief who tells them that Tartuk has reduced his once proud clan to starvation and desperate measures. William assures the chief that they are here to help, only when they go looking, Tartuk, given the time that the party spent arguing outside his door, has fled the scene…



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